Thursday, May 6, 2010

Video: "Migratory Tarpon" of Tarpon Cay Lodge

Nestled in the remote northern Yucatan town of San Felipe is Tarpon Cay Lodge. Tarpon Cay Lodge is the jumping off point for an incredible fishery for Tarpon, or "Sabalo" as translated in Spanish. This video shows the average sized migratory Tarpon of this fishery (40 - 80 pounds), and also includes a few "blooper" moments. Fish On!

Article: Phantom of the Caribbean (South Caicos Bonefish)

Read today's Outdoor column on - this article, titled Phantom of the Caribbean, was written by Pete Ottesen who recently returned from his trip to South Caicos. He gives a wonderful account of his experience of the fishing there.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Video: "Loco Sabalito" (Isla Blanca)

Fly fishing for baby Tarpon at Isla Blanca can be pure mayhem at times. Watch this crazed baby Tarpon as it runs this angler in circles around the boat and into the mangroves. Amazingly, the Tarpon is finally brought to hand after this wild duel. "Loco Sabalito" = Crazy Baby Tarpon!