Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lake El Salto Fly Season Wrap-Up!

Primetime at El Salto ends with a SPLASH!

Well, I am excited to report that this past season's fishing at Lake El Salto was strong! We had multiple groups fish El Salto from mid-November through mid-January and all had consistent fishing for Largemouth Bass up to almost 9 pounds. There was good sessions of topwater on some trips, but most of the bass were fooled in the top of the subsurface water column (down to about 6 feet).

And of course, the fantastic accommodations and service was provided by Anglers Inn. It was great to see the all of the same friendly staff members such as Jose, Sammy, and Tony. Also, Anglers Inn purchased new boats that are absolutely ideal for fly anglers. The boats are configured with spacious, level front and rear casting decks and super comfy seats for each angler. Anglers Inn seems to keep raising the bar every year with incredible service and hospitality.

Finally, here is a recap of the top tackle that produced BIG bass this past season. The top flies this past season are as follows:

  • Chewy Pop (yellow or white in size 2/0)
  • Bisharat's Flat Fred (shad)
  • Pultz's Popper (black over silver, black over chartreuse in size 2)


  • Bisharat's AirHead (brown over white, chartreuse over white in size 1/0)
  • Big Game Gummy Minnow (pearl in size 2)
  • Clouser Minnow (chartreuse over white in size 2/0)


  • Topwater: RIO Striped Bass (7 1/2 foot / 20#)
  • Subsurface: RIO FlouroFlex (20#)


The bass will be going on the spawn soon at El Salto, which marks the close of primetime fly fishing season. The lodge continues to run strong for conventional anglers until July, but the spawn and springtime afternoon winds make conditions less than ideal for fly fishing tactics. So, with this said I look forward to another incredible fly fishing season at El Salto in Fall 2012 / Winter 2013. We already have weeks on the books for hosted trips, so if you are interested please drop us a line to inquire. Fish ON!

FAT El Salto Bass

El Salto Bass CRUSH the AirHead!

Mr. Hanely showing the goods at El Salto...

Lodge manager, Jose, putting on a show with Spanish Coffee!

Loretta showing off her BIG fish of the season. WOW, 8.8 pounds!

Morning run for topwater bass...

Ladies' double up for El Salto Bass...

Topwater "POP"...

The close of another spectacular season at Lake El Salto...