Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mid-Week Trip Report: Uruguay Freshwater Dorado

A gorgeous 30 pound Dorado landed on Thalken's Cruiser fly

I am in Uruguay this week with a small group of clients. We are fishing the renowned Uruguay River below Salto Grande Dam - home to some of the world's largest freshwater Dorado. Simply put, this species is one of the strongest freshwater gamefish that I have ever fished for. Amazing power and aerobatics. The grab is arm-jolting, while the fight is a never-ending match with rod torquing runs and aerial displays.

We have been having some solid session so fishing with the average fish going 8 - 12 pounds. Everyone in the group has landed Dorado in the teens, with a few fish landed between 22 - 30 pounds. We have been fishing 9/10 weight rods, 350-400 grain sink-tips, 40# wire leader, and jumbo 3/0 - 5/0 flies. Black and red have been the most consistent color combo - Thalken's Cruiser and Puglisi Streamers.

Well, 4 more sessions of fishing here in Uruguay... I will post a full report upon completion of our trip. Until then, Fish On!

Shiz and I post a nice double for the day...

Guide "Tido" and Shiz with an 8 kilo Dorado...

Dorado have a serious set of teeth and know how to use them,... keep fingers AWAY!

An average Dorado... 8 pounds

All catch and release in the exclusive zone below Salto Grande Dam...

22 pounds of fury on the fly rod!

Joan lands a nice sized Dorado!

Joan laying the wood on a 7 kilo Dorado... way to go Joan!

Shiz lands a beautiful male Dorado...