Thursday, October 25, 2012

Back on the Blog "Grid"... South Caicos, Yucatan, Alaska, and, coming next, Amazon...

 The best medicine for the soul... 

To start, I must apologize to all you that have frequently and faithfully followed my blog over the years.  I have been quite absent from posting since the New Year (YES, almost 10 months ago!)  Although my hosted travels continued throughout the year, I was simply challenged by the lack of time and energy because of some unfortunate events in the family (multiple funerals... ugh.)  Anyhow, the family and I are coming out of the "fog" now and, therefore, you will now see frequent and consistent posts from this point forward.  I am back on the GRID!

OK, enough of the personal blab... let's show and tell about fly fishing travel!  Over this past year, I hosted a number of trips to my favorite destinations.  On these trips, I focused much of my time capturing imagery of these favorite destinations.  Over the past years, I learned a great deal about the fine art of photography from the likes of Ken Hanley, Gregg Holland, John Sherman, Brian O'Keefe, Dan Blanton, and many other photographers' work.  From each trip, I created a photo journal that I hope will give each of you the feel (or rather, the BUZZ!) about each destination and all that each has to offer.  Here is a sampling of my favorites photos from each trip and a link to my photo journal from each trip:

South Caicos Bonefish (April 2012) Beyond the Blue Charters
South Caicos Photo Journal

Yucatan Tarpon (July 2012) Isla del Sabalo and Tarpon Cay Lodge
Yucatan Photo Journal

Alaskan Silver Salmon and Jumbo Rainbows (August 2012) Alaska West
Alaska Photo Journal (some photos compliments of Bill Kalm and Jim Bare)

 South Caicos - Beyond the Blue Charters

Yucatan Tarpon - Tarpon Cay Lodge and Isla del Sabalo

Alaskan Silver Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, and Grayling

And finally, I am in Miami (MIA) now and en route to the Amazon (Manaus, Brazil).  I will be hosting another group for the brutish Peacock Bass!  Check back in a couple of weeks for a complete trip report and photos.  Fish ON!

The target species this coming week... YEAH!