Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Video: 7 Minutes of Yucatan Mayhem!

This video is a continuous and uncut 7 minutes of Tarpon action at Isla del Sabalo. Fishing was conducted with blunted hook point on the fly - the intent was to "tease" the Tarpon into grabbing the fly, only to be pulled away or released with slack in the fly line. It shows the remarkable fishing potential and amazing density of willing Tarpon that can inhabit the flats of this remote region of the Yucatan. This is Angling On The Fly's newest offering in the Yucatan. Fish On!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Current Canadian to US dollar Exchange Rate is Favorable Now!

Currently the exchange rate for US to Canadian dollars is very favorable making the trip of a lifetime to some of Canada's premier fishing destinations a steal. Nicholas Dean Lodge in British Columbia is one of the world's premier salmon and steelhead destinations. This season's return of steelhead was incredible, one of the best in over ten years. Anglers experienced excellent fishing and many anglers hooked steelhead of a lifetime.

Take advantage of this current exchange rate by securing your spot for 2009 now. Angling on the Fly has several Hosted Trips available, plus you can book your own week. Current packages include 6 nights / 5 days of guided fishing, lodging and meals.

Contact us for more information and to reserve your spot today.
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Some of this season's steelhead

Monday, October 20, 2008

Article: Capt. Kevin "KD" Doran on topwater Striped Bass

Capt. Kevin Doran (“KD”) is one of the top guides on the California Delta for Striped Bass and is the renowned pioneer of bringing the Delta Largemouth Bass to the forefront of the fly fishing industry and community. KD has been fishing the Delta for decades and truly knows the intricacies of this highly technical environ. During the fall and winter months, he is incredibly adept at guiding his anglers into topwater grabs from Striped Bass. Even on cold wintery mornings on the Delta, he has an innate ability to locate Stripers that will engulf a surface offering in sub-50 degree water temps - I have experienced it for myself... I am a believer! I have fished with KD many times, and it never ceases to amaze me how much I learn each time I fish with him.

Check out KD’s "Topwater Striper Primer" article at

Friday, October 17, 2008

Photography by John G. Sherman

John Sherman admiring a baby Tarpon at Isla del Sabalo

Take a look at almost any monthly fly fishing publication and you will probably see one or more of John’s photos. He has the rare multi-tasking talent of being able to fish an “A-game” and capture amazing images at the same time. He is one of the most dedicated and well-traveled fly anglers that I know. I have fished with John on many occasions and am always amazed (and respect him) for showing the same admiration for a 100 pound tarpon and 1/4 pound panfish - he loves to fly fish and it shows in every piece of his work. Check out his beautiful photography at:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Video: The Newest Frontier for Yucatan Tarpon

This action-packed video footage displays the incredible Tarpon fishing opportunities at Isla del Sabalo. This majestic fishing destination resides in a remote region of the Yucatan and is home to healthy populations of resident Tarpon that range in size from 5 - 35+ pounds. The environs of this fishery include extensive mangrove-lined rivers and creeks, protected lagoons, and vast clear-water flats. Enjoy and Fish On!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Chico Fernandez on the Tarpon Tour

Chico Fernandez and guide "Cresp" at Tarpon Cay Lodge

In August, Tarpon Cay Lodge and Isla del Sabalo had the honor of hosting renowned saltwater fly fishing author, instructor and IGFA record holder, Chico Fernandez. Chico and his group experienced the Tarpon Tour combo trip with 3 days of fishing at each destination. They had excellent fishing for resident and migratory Tarpon during their visit. And, we are excited to announce that Chico will be hosting another trip with us in the Yucatan during summer 2009!

Chico working his magic casts in a tight mangrove canopy

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Unique Top-Water Flies for MX Bass

El Salto Special by Leo Gutterres

During our past trips to Mexico for Bass, there is always a staple of top-water flies that prove to be consistent producers. Without a doubt, one of my favorite patterns is Leo Gutterres' "El Salto Special" - a slider with a serious case of delirium! This fly produces well when the Bass are busting the shad in Lake Mateos or El Salto. The relatively short body and tail, along with a flat, narrow profile produces an irresistible erratic movement. Often when larger patterns don't seem to produce well, this pattern reinforces that "matching-the-hatch" works for Bass too.

Next, I had the pleasure of meeting Neal Pultz (Fresno, CA) this past spring. Neal is an innovative popper designer and popper producing machine! He ties commercially for many shops throughout NorCal and makes some of the most well thought out poppers. He has a unique weed-guard design that is very effective. If you want a popper that produces maximum a "POP!" sound, then Neal's poppers are IT! On this past trip, it produced well in areas with deeper water where the Bass needed to be "called-up" to feed on the surface.

New for this trip was a new creation by Leo Gutterres - a prism sided crease fly. The highly reflective sides with a nice weed-guard really produced well when the Bass were shredding the Tilapia around the buck brush and other structure. This fly had incredible lateral movement with each strip - this action really mimics that of a wounded Tilapia. One of my largest top-water Bass (around 7 pounds) on this trip was landed on this fly. Leo is always pushing the envelope on new fly designs and improving those that already exist. Leo's prism sided crease fly is a fine example of this.

These flies are a pure example of why I feel that fly fishing for Bass is so visually appealing and, most of all, fun... big bugs for big Bass!

An El Salto Special that got worked-over by multiple trophy Bass!