Monday, November 30, 2009

Trip Testimonial: Anglers Inn - Lake El Salto (Nov. 2009)

Ray Narbaitz lands an El Salto 9 pounder on topwater!

I just received a nice report (below) from Ray Narbaitz (Chico, CA) and friends who just returned from a trip to Anglers Inn - Lake El Salto.

"My fish weighed 9 pounds, and the fish Diane Gaumer caught went 9 1/2 pounds. Both were caught on poppers.

The other picture (below) I'm calling, "Talapia's Revenge." It was about a 6 pound bass that choked to death trying to eat a Talapia that was too big for it.

It was a great trip. Everyone enjoyed it, the fishing and weather were great, and the staff was super. If you ever need a recommendation for someone, have them give me a call. I can say go for it with no reservations.

Thanks for your help.

Ray Narbaitz"
Thanks for the great report Ray!

Diane Gaumer landed this behemoth 9.5 on a popper!

"Tilapia's Revenge"... yes, the bass is dead...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Great Wintertime Fishing: Trophy Largemouth Bass

Trophy TOPWATER Largemouth Bass at Lake El Salto!

When an angler thinks of prime topwater fishing for Largemouth Bass, one rarely thinks of wintertime as the primetime. Well,... consider Mexico. Mexico is the absolute mecca of trophy Largemouth Bass and the cooler months are the prime season to pursue these behemoth bass with topwater flies.

Angling On The Fly offers trips to Anglers Inn at famed Lake El Salto and Lake Mateos. These destinations are prime for fly fishing during the months of November through January. These are the pre-spawn months for Mexico's Largemouth and the time when these bass are on a feeding craze to prepare for their spawning season. To add, the water temps are ideal and forage fish are in the top water column, producing prime conditions for bass to feed on top.

If you have any interest in pursuing these trophy Mexican Largemouth, please know that we have been monitoring airfares to Mazatlan, Mexico and we are pleasantly surprised to see some of the lowest rates we have EVER seen (around $325 R/T!) So, this will be a great time and value for you to give these destinations a try.

Finally, Anglers Inn has THE best service we have ever experienced at a lodge. Their staff is absolutely top-notch and this is constantly reinforced by the excellent feedback that we have from our clients returning from their trip to Anglers Inn. Add this to their fabulous accommodations, meals, and open bar, and you have a destination that truly offers the complete experience... both on and off of the water.

There are still prime weeks left this fall / winter at Anglers Inn. So, please drop us a line if you have interest in heading to warm and sunny Mexico this winter season. Fish On!