Friday, February 27, 2009

Hello from the Amazon!

My group and I just returned to civilization and are now in Manaus, Brazil. We spent the past 7 days fishing on the Upper Itapera River (tributary to the Rio Branco). We had an epic trip with excellent fishing for trophy Peacock Bass on the fly. We fished with River Plate Outfitter and their remote mobile camps. This was one of the most exciting and interesting adventures that I have ever experienced. Great fishing aside, we saw a myriad of jungle wildlife and other fascinating natural wonders. And the best part of the experience was spending the week with the staff of River Plate Outfitters... natives to the region with such a friendly interest in sharing everything about the wonders of their cultural and natural world.

Look for my complete post-trip report in a few days... I am now resting my hands and arms after a week of battling the Peacock Bass of the Amazon. Fish On!