Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fly Tyer Magazine: Land of the Mayan Kings

Mayan Warriors

In the most current issue of Fly Tyer Magazine (Spring 2009 issue), an article titled "Land of the Mayan Kings" features a fly pattern that is superb for Yucatan baby Tarpon - meet the Mayan Warrior. Ken Hanley of Pacific Extremes is the fly designer and author of this informative article. Detailed fly tying instructions and recipe is included in the writeup.

I always carry a full selection of Mayan Warriors in my Yucatan fly box. These flies are an excellent pattern for mimicking shrimp, a desirable food source for Tarpon. Often, Tarpon will key in on shrimp and will refuse fly patterns that have a baitfish profile. This is when the Mayan Warrior is the "go-to" fly.

Add them to your fly box and go battle Tarpon with the Mayan Warrior! Fish On!