Sunday, September 13, 2009

Time for South-of-the-Border BASS!

Massive Topwater Bass at Lake El Salto...

It is this time of the year when we, at Angling On The Fly, begin to get excited about the upcoming season for Mexico's trophy Largemouth Bass. During the fall and early-winter months, the lake conditions are prime for trophy fly fishing at Anglers Inn's lodges on Lake El Salto and Lake Mateos.

Following the summer monsoon season, the lakes reach full pool and begin to cool as fall arrives. To add, the bait is abundant from the spawn of shad and tilapia in the months previous. It is this combination of conditions that set the topwater stage for a bass feeding frenzy. During these prime months of October through January, it is not uncommon to witness bass throwing huge wakes as they pursue baitfish along the shoreline shallows. As a finale, the next scene will be bait spraying themselves up onto shoreline in a meager attempt to escape predation from these hungry bass. It is at this time when your fly should be cast up onto the bank and stripped back into the water, then,... FISH ON!

If you want to match your skills against these jumbo Largemouth Bass, give us a call to schedule your trip to Anglers Inn at Lake El Salto or Lake Mateos.