Monday, August 23, 2010

Trip Report: Isla del Sabalo (Aug. 2010)

Robert lands a jumbo baby Tarpon at Isla del Sabalo

We just had a couple of stellar Isla del Sabalo reports come in from repeat customers, Monty (Naples, FL) and Robert (Billings, MT). Both of them fished the Yucatan with us last summer and decided to fish with us again this summer. They reported a "great time, weather, fishing and people were great." Most of the fish were around the bocas (mouth of rivers) and along the shoreline flats. Most of the baby Tarpon were 10 - 12 pounds, but there were some that topped 20, 30, and even 40 pounds! The HOT flies were the Puglisi Tarpon Streamers in hot orange and yellow, or purple and black (size 2/0). Thanks Robert and Monty for the continued business and we look forward to your next trip in summer of 2011!