Tuesday, November 18, 2008

HOT FLY!... Enrico Puglisi Tarpon Streamer

Baby Tarpon LOVE this Fly!!!

This past season, this was one of the hottest flies for baby Tarpon at Yucatan destinations, Tarpon Cay Lodge, Isla Blanca and Isla del Sabalo. Designed by Enrico Puglisi, this Tarpon streamer is easy to cast and tied on a high quality Gamakatsu SC-15 hook (size 2/0). The bright orange and yellow color creates nice contrast while fishing it in mangrove stained waters. This was often the "go-to" fly when fishing river channels and creeks along the northern and western shores of the Yucatan. If you are headed for the Yucatan in 2009, make sure to have this fly in your box. Fish On!