Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trip Report: Anglers Inn - Lake El Salto

Jim Christensen's behemoth 10+ pound El Salto Bass

We just had a group of 13 anglers return from Mexico's Lake El Salto. As usual, everyone was "Wow'd" with the top level service and accommodations at Anglers Inn. They truly run a first rate program that is focused on comfort, relaxation, and fun! OK, on to the fishing report...

Although the shad hatch occurred as normal, an unusual late-season heat wave kept surface temps much higher than normal. These conditions made topwater fishing less than prime - some nice Bass were still landed on top, but not the numbers of Bass that we normally get topwater fishing during this time of the season. The good thing is that the anglers were well prepared to fish subsurface with light sinktip lines and streamer/baitfish patterns. This kept the anglers in the action by fishing just below the surface at the feeding level of the Bass. The hot pattern on this trip was Umpqua's #2 Gummy Minnow - this pattern matched the newly hatch shad perfectly.

The best Bass of the trip was 10.5 pounds landed by Jim Christensen on, of course, a #2 Gummy Minnow! Congratulations Jim! In addition to this behemoth, there were a number of fish landed by other anglers in the 7 - 9 pound class. And of course, there were countless stories of double digit bass that "got-away!"

Here are a couple subsurface tackle setups that were reported to be very effective:
  • Rio Outbound Type III with a Gummy Minnow; fished with a strip, strip, pause (let the fly fall/drop),... strip, strip, pause,... etc. The key to this retrieve is to stay in touch with the fly during the fall/drop, as many Bass inhale the fly during this pausing moment.
  • Sage BASS taper fly line, 7-9 foot tapered leader with a #2 Clouser Minnow (chart/white); fished with a rapid retrieve (hand over hand) to imitate a fleeing shad or tilapia. The Bass would throw a determined and aggressive wake behind the fly as they were in hot pursuit of the fly.
Overall, everyone was happy and excited about their experience at Anglers Inn - Lake El Salto. Looking ahead, we are already working on setting up hosted weeks in 2009, so stay tuned for exact dates!

Paula Butler showing off a mega-Bass

Terry Thomas with a healthy Bass