Wednesday, April 22, 2009

HOT Fly: Pultz's Poppers for Largemouth Bass

Pultz's Poppers produce... BIG TIME!

I am excited to share a popper with you that is now a staple for Largemouth Bass here at Lake El Salto. More than a year ago, a NorCal fly tyer name Neal Pultz approached me at the Bass-n-Fly expo. He introduced himself and then proceeded to show me a selection of poppers that he had designed and handcrafted himself. My jaw dropped in awe of his fine craftsmanship with balsa wood and paintwork. I immediately told him that I MUST fish these patterns... and soon.

Being a topwater fanatic, I am always on the lookout for the best flies for fooling trophy bass on top. And Pultz's poppers were one of the first "available for sale" poppers that were perfect for the behemoth size and power of El Salto Largemouth. They produce a nice audible "bloop" sound that drives bass crazy. Neal also utilizes a loop style weed guard that works like a charm. It has proven to be highly effective when fishing around, over, and through the myriad of wood structure here at El Salto. My favorite color on this trip was black scale with chartreuse body (images below).

I will post a more detailed and technical post on his poppers when I return from this trip. Fish On!