Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On-Location Report: Fishing with Dad at Lake El Salto

Dad with a trophy topwater Largemouth at Lake El Salto
(landed on a Gutterres' El Salto Special silver popper)

I am now in Mexico at Anglers Inn on Lake El Salto. This is truly a special trip for me since my father, George (AKA "Jorge" while in Mexico), has joined me for a few days of bass fishing. A father/son fishing trip is always a good time filled with laughter and reminiscing about the good'ol days of fishing together. Throughout my youth, Dad introduced me to fishing and the great outdoors. Now, it is nice to share the experience of destination fishing with him here at Lake El Salto. We have been enjoying the wonderful hospitality at the lodge and, of course, are having some good action for trophy bass! Topwater has been good in the early morning and evenings. Midday, we are fishing subsurface to stay in the action.

For topwater, the group has been doing well on Neal Pultz poppers (chartreuse/black), Gurglers (black), Bubble-Heads (silver/gray), Leo Gutterres' El Salto Special (silver), and Crease Flies (silver). Most of us in the group have been fishing the Sage Bass rod (Largemouth - 330 gr.) - an incredible tool for top water fishing here at El Salto.

Next, the best producing subsurface patterns have been the Flashtail Clouser (brown/yellow/white or all chartreuse), Gummy Minnow, and Hare Grub (olive). We have been fishing the following fly lines for subsurface fishing: Rio Outbound Short with clear intermediate tip, SA Mastery Streamer Express clear tip, and Rio Outbound type III.

Well, it is time to sign off for now... we are headed out for the afternoon session of fishing. I will blog again tonight with more fishing action from Lake El Salto... Fish On!

"Jorge" with another topwater trophy!