Monday, October 19, 2009

Instruction: Spey and Switch Rod Class on the Lower Yuba River

Ryan Miller casting a "wedge" (photo by Andy Guibord)

Ryan Miller of Northern Waters Fly Fishing is offering a spey and switch rod class on our local fishery, the Lower Yuba River in Northern California.  He is offering two dates for this class, and yours truly will be assisting with the November 22nd class.  So, if you have interest in learning how to cast these rods and fish flies on the swing, please read below for the details and Ryan's contact information...

Spey and Switch Rod Instruction on the Lower Yuba River

These classes will be held on the Lower Yuba River and will be dedicated to exploring the world of spey casting and utilizing spey techniques. Learn everything from how to hold the rod to properly working a run. We will show you how to select rods, reels, lines, tips, flies, spey casts and water. We will dive into Skagit, Scandinavian and long belly line applications. If you do not own a two-handed rod, no problem, we will show you how to do everything on a single-handed rod.

Two Class Options:
November 8: 5 anglers max cost is $100 per person (instructor: Ryan Miller)
November 22: 10 anglers max, cost is $75 per person (instructors: Ryan Miller and Keith Kaneko)

Students will be taken on a first come, first serve basis and ability does not matter.

Both classes will start at 9am and end at 5pm.

For questions and/or enrollment, contact Ryan Miller:
Phone: 530-913-8312