Monday, August 18, 2008

Trip Report: Nicholas Dean Lodge - Day 1

Fishing Day 1:

I am happy to report that our first day of fishing was a success! After a great breakfast of eggs, sausage, fruit, coffee and juice we headed to the river. The boat ramp was 10 minutes from the lodge and in no time we were on the Skeena and on step to the fishing grounds. During our 10 minute boat ride we were immediately taken back by the enormous mountains that surrounded us. Not to be outdone was the incredible Skeena River, with its glacier green tint, wide gravel bars and tremendous size. It is hard to convey to you how truly giant this river is. As we arrived at our fishing spot we were greeted with bald eagles and a few black bears. As a few clouds passed by they graced us with a light sprinkle… the mood was perfect.

Within minutes one of the guys in our group was hooked up on a pink salmon, before that fish was even landed another fish was hooked. The group was doing very well on pink, sockeye and coho salmon. By 10am we had plenty of action on salmon.

As I made another cast no more than 30 feet into the river the action turned aerial! A chrome ghost was hooked and the game was on, in less than 30 seconds I was looking at the silver of my arbor. As I ran downriver and gained line back the fish went crazy with cartwheels and huge leaps. After a great battle the fish surrendered its sea lice ridden, chrome spectacle of a fish.

Skeena Steelhead

As the day went on we continued to hook salmon of all species and 3 more spectacular steelhead. Some of the highlights of the day included hooking and landing several beefy coho salmon. These fish were hot as they peeled line, jumped and sometimes handed the fly back to us.

Tomorrow is another day, perhaps we will tangle with the infamous 20 pounder!

Skeena Coho