Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trip Report: Nicholas Dean Lodge - Day 2

The day began with a hearty breakfast of blue berry pancakes and expectations of a great day. Just as the day before, we made our way out to the Skeena in pursuit of chrome commanders. The weather was spectacular… for a picnic. After we landed at our first spot of the day our group spread out and began working the water. Like clockwork I heard FISH ON from down the bar, Ray was hooked up on a pink salmon. Not too much longer another call came out, FISH ON, yet another pink hooked by John. We thought the day was going to be banner, unfortunately, that was the last of the action we saw for a while. After some time of not hooking any fish our guides had us load up and we moved to another bar.

It was some time before we hooked another fish at our new spot. The day was tougher, we meticulously worked the water with little success. Fishing on the Skeena is very unique, the fish come to you! For most traditional steelheaders it is hard to deal with because you literally wait for fish to come to you. The fish were not on the move like they were the day before. As we continued to fish we did pick up a fish here and there. I must say that during the doldrums there was plenty to laugh and joke about (pronounced aboot) with the guys. The group is made up of an eclectic and eccentric group of guys, Mike, Bob, Ray, George John and myself… what a group. My sides hurt from laughing with these guys, it does help pass the time from when fish are moving through.

By later afternoon we still hadn’t hooked many fish and then out of nowhere, on the same cast made a thousand times before, John hooks up with a screamer. In no time he was in the backing with a spastic steelhead bound and determined to spit the fly. After an honorable battle John concurred, and at his feet lay a black and white bullet. This fish was a magnificent specimen, with a cut lateral line and not a spec of color on her. What a hoot!

Shortly after his steelhead was landed another kamikaze chromer was hooked and immediately ran for the opposite bank. This fish was landed, photographed and released. The action started to pick up a little with more salmon being caught, with the action came a few rain showers and some spectacular skies.

Overall the day’s goals were met, we had a great day and caught fish. Dinner and the evening gathering was a true highlight with excellent food and hilarious conversations.

Tomorrow is another day, currently it is raining buckets and a little cooler. If the rain holds off some of us my head to the Copper river to swing for behemoth steelhead. Tomorrow is another day….