Thursday, December 3, 2009

Think TARPON! for 2010...

Plan ahead for a Yucatan Tarpon trip in 2010! Spring through fall is primetime for Tarpon and other flats species at destinations Tarpon Cay Lodge, Isla del Sabalo, Campeche Tarpon Club, and Isla Blanca! Coming off of a successful season in 2009, we look forward to another Fish On! season in 2010. There are still prime weeks available during the upcoming season, so I encourage you to contact me if you have interest in booking a Yucatan fishing adventure.

Also, I recommend that you peruse the "Articles" webpage on our website for various magazine and online articles about these Yucatan destinations. These articles, written by Chico Fernandez, Dan Blanton, Ken Hanley, et. al., provide a unique perspective on the destinations and provide firsthand information.

Finally, please note that we have various hosted trips established for next season at each of these destination. Please check our "Hosted Trips" section for a listing of 2010 trips.

Well, thanks again for visiting our FishBlog and have a Happy Holiday Season! Good fishing to all!