Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bass: The Revolution

For more than 30 years bass anglers have flocked to Lake El Salto in search of monster bass. During the prime fishing months of late September through February anglers can expect phenomenal quality and quantity of pure Florida strain Largemouth bass. During this time many anglers experience the excitement of huge bass exploding on top-water presentations.

Over the history of this lake there have been very few fly fisherman that have engaged in battle with the hogs of lake El Salto, … until now. Fly anglers alike are proving to be very successful fishing for bass, enough so that Angling On The Fly and Billy Chapman Jr.’s Anglers Inn has teamed up to offer one of the most unique fly fishing opportunities in the world. Thanks to years of dedication from Angling On The Fly and Anglers Inn, a concrete vision, and help from the Bass-n-Fly team, Anglers Inn is one of the best destination on earth to fly fish for Largemouth Bass!