Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On-Location Report: Early Season Bass'n

There is never a bad excuse to get out of the office once in a while, especially if it’s to fish. A group of friends set out in search of early season bass at Lake Mateos and Lake El Salto in Mexico. We are staying at Billy Chapman Jr.'s Anglers Inn and are enjoying every minute of it. Currently the weather is hot and most of the action has been sub-surface. I am happy to report that fishing has been good and with less than a month left for prime time we know that fishing will be incredible this coming fall and winter. Another highlight of this trip is the hospitality that Anglers Inn provides. The level of service is outstanding and has been an absolute pleasure.
Keith Kaneko with a top-water bucketmouth

Although most of the fish caught have been fooled with sub-surface presentations, we have found a good top-water bite in the mornings and evenings. Several 4-6 pounders have blown up on top water bugs and WOW... what a beautiful sight!
Ken Hanley going long

One of the great features of bass fishing with a fly rod at Lake Mateos is the diversity of environs one can cast to. Fly rodders have an amazing advantage in the bass game, we can present very light bugs accurately and quietly to hopped up killing machines.

Keith putting the wood to a razor-back

Almost every time a bass will head for thick cover, be ready to really keep the heat on them. We are all using 20 pound Maxima with 7-9 weight rods.
The reward...

Kevin Doran with a largie

All five of us are complete fishing fools and this is paradise for us. We eat breakfast, are in the boats before sun-up, fish until noon, eat lunch, take a siesta and fish until dark. With all this going on it is amazing that we find time to enjoy the scenery.

Kevin Doran and Ryan Miller watching the grass grow

The gang at dinner (right to left): Kevin Doran, Ken Hanley, Chappy Chapman, "Ziggy," Keith Kaneko, Bill Carnazzo and Ryan Miller.

Anglers Inn has a full-time chef that is truly talented; all the meals have been excellent.

As the five of us continue to work the waters for bass we will continue to bring you more pictures and details from our "fisherman's holiday." We will fish Mateos one more day and then head to El Salto to see if we can't beat the 18.8 pound lake record largemouth. Please enjoy the following pictures, thanks for reading and FishOn!