Monday, September 29, 2008

Post-Trip Report: Lake El Salto - Day 1

Within the first few hours of the evening session, Keith and Bill had managed a few fish in the 6 pound range (see entry, Friday, September 26 for photos), a few at 4 and several others in the 2-3 pound class. Most of their fish came on slightly modified, yellow flashtail clousers, (Keith trimmed the fly to reduce the overall profile to match the Tilapia). Ken and Kevin did well boating a few bucketmouths on diving frog patterns. My guide Oscar and I had a excellent afternoon, we boated some beefy while hogs fishing sub-surface presentations. I found that a red/white flashtail whistler was highly desired and on the menu. By late afternoon an incredible tropical storm came in and blew us off the water. The four hours spent on the water were very exciting for all of us and fueled the fire for the next day. Please see previous posts for more pictures.

Ryan Miller with a stout bass

The accommodations are incredible...

Come on in...

Rocking chairs sit outside each room to ensure maximum relaxation

Foyer where meals are enjoyed