Monday, September 29, 2008

Fly Fisherman Magazine: Lake Mateos and Lake El Salto

WOW! We just returned from our bass adventure south of the border, and what do I find on my desk this morning?... the recent issue of Fly Fisherman Magazine featuring the destinations we just fished this past week!... Lake Mateos and Lake El Salto.

Last January, Angling On The Fly hosted John Randolph of Fly Fisherman Magazine at Billy Chapman Jr.'s Anglers Inn in Sinaloa, Mexico. On this tour, we ventured to both lakes and had incredible fishing for trophy Largemouth Bass. It was a pure joy and honor to fish with one of the legends in our industry. John is a wealth of knowledge and had countless stories of the adventures that he has experience through his many decades in this wonderful sport of fly fishing.

Check out the recent issue (December 2008) for his rendition of these wonderful destinations - Lake Mateos and Lake El Salto. Fish On!