Wednesday, September 10, 2008

On-Location Report: Gods Lake - Day 4

Doubled-up Lake Trout with Ken Hanley

Today was an incredible fishing experience at Gods Lake. We had ideal conditions for fly fishing - low wind and overcast skies. And of course, more Lake Trout arrived on the shallow reefs. Our team prospected a number of areas and found Lakers in small pods. Once again, these fish congregate around shallow rocky shoals and/or a substrate of small boulders. In some areas, we even observed Lakers chasing bait on the surface.

Today, Ken and I spent some quick moments studying the bodily characteristics of the Lake Trout. The first thing we noticed is the mouth structure, which definitely represents that of a pure predator - wide jaw and a mean set of teeth. Also, the body markings and fin colors make this fish a thing of beauty. We felt appreciation and honor in viewing a species that is so elusive in the depths for most of its life.

The average size window of these Lake Trout have been 5 - 12 pounds. However, today I did get abused by a Laker that we estimated at 20 pounds plus. It doubled over my rod and, unfortunately, I was not able get a cradled boat-side view of it. These fish give a fight of powerful surges and bulldogging head shakes. We dropped our fair share of these fish today due to their propensity to roll and twist during the fight. They are amazing creatures and it is exciting to fish for them knowing that some Lake Trout of 50 plus pounds have been landed in Gods Lake.

Well, tomorrow is our final day of fishing here at Gods Lake. We are hoping for proper conditions to pursue more Lake Trout, but are happily ready for "plan-B" too... trophy Pike! Check back tomorrow and we'll have more to report!
Bill Carnazzo with his Lake Trout of the day at Gods Lake